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In my job as a Lecturer at the University of Plovdiv I occupy the official tenure-track position – Associate Professor in “European Economy”. Academic courses I am asked to offer to students may vary in time and are designed by a procedure to deliver specific and modern universe academic knowledge to students. Thus, I teach academic courses in different Lectorium formats, where I deliver my academic Lectures in different lecture halls, called Lectorates.

I have organized the academic knowledge I teach specific academic document, called Syllabus.

Due to the fact some of the above written words are non-existent in Bulgarian language or often confused, I provide a small vocabularly and and explanatory words what means what. Besides, I organized the courses I teach to students in 2018 in a small table for easier orientation.


Lecturer is a teacher at a University / Higher Education Institution

Lecture is the approach to deliver the certain knowledge contents, based on academic standards

Lectorium (singular) / Lectoria (plural) is the process of delivering science-content course, which is designed to meet certain academic standards for education.

Lectorate is the place, where lectures are delivered.


* Syllabus – singular

** Syllabi – plural

The word “Syllabus” is non-existent in Bulgarian language. However, it stands for specific tool in higher education in USA and developed countries of EU.

A Syllabus is a written document, which sets standards for academic education for successful apprehension of the material of an academic course. Due to different reasons, there were some spotted efforts in Bulgaria only recently Universities and Institutions of Higher Education to publish and release Syllabi. These types of documents shall be subject to two main academic requirements when working with students: (1) free access to the contents of an academic course and conditions to study and pass successfully the course; and (2) up-to-date contents of the academic course. Besides, nowadays, this type of document shall be subject to  free on-line access.

I, personally – as a professional in the job I do – prefer to adhere to these good practices of academic education, although they are not so popular in Bulgaria. I am convinced that no matter how long it would take of the inertia Bulgarian higher education system to change, but one day – syllabi shall become a standard tool set for modern educational standards in our country, as well.

This is why, in my job as a lecturer I try to implement and maintain this good practice to provide 24/7 possibility for students (and all those who may have some interest) to be able to download from my web-site a given syllabus of a course they study or they are interested in.

Associate Professor Atanas Vladikov, PhD

SYLLABI /The downloadable files are in Bulgarian only, at present!/

EQD* EQD – Bachelor Degree EQD – Master Degree


Fall Spring Fall Spring
Courses in European Issues EU Policies (EUP)

European Economy (EE)   EU Common Commercial Policy (EUCCP)** EU Economic and Social Policies (EUESP)**


Business Courses Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Business Environment and Competitiveness (BEC) Human Capital Management (HCM)


Theoretical Economic Courses Theory of International Economic Relations (TIER) — 
Labor Economics (LE)

*EQD – Educational and Qualification Degree

** Only for Students from the Joint Educational Programs of the FESS and the MTM-College (the Danish College), Sofia