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Guide-Map: Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences

After a significant period of systematic research, reasoning, and work over the Theories of Nobel Laureates in Economics Sciences, it came to my mind that I have to produce a pragmatic tool of new generation, which shall be of benefit of a greater part to those who study Economics, as well as to those, who are interested in modern economic thought.

Based on public-private partnership /PPP/ and having worked for a half a year with the Team of the Bulgarian Company “Global Agro”, Sofia, http://mapsbg.com/, we succeeded to produce a unique intellectual product, which was officially presented on November 29, 2018 at the Compass Hall of the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”; and this product bears the name:

Карта-гид на лауреатите на Нобелова награда по икономически науки /1969 – 2018 г./

A Guide Map of The Laureates of Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences /1969 – 2018/

The product is unique due to the following characteristics:

  • It was never produced in such a format neither in Bulgaria, or elsewhere, such synthesized information for the Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences.

  • It was never used the cartographic approach to assign important persons in the chronotopos of the Economics (in terms of time – which year is the Prize awarded; in terms of place – where is the place of birth, and place of association at the time of awarding);

  • The Guide Map is bi-lingual: in Bulgarian and in English languages, and it makes it easy to search in internet by tags, in case there is deeper interest;

  • The Guide Map includes all Laureates in Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences since 1969 till 2019; including, the project idea at stake in this Guide Map is it to be up-dated, in correspondence to the awarding process;

  • The Guide Map illustrates in micro-texts the main research fields of the Nobel Laureates and the arguments, what is the main reason for these people to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences;

  • There is also a statistical information presented in the Guide Map about the number of awarded economists, schools of economic thought, which they represent, states and institutions, they are associated with at the moment of awarding as well as other useful information;

The main idea of this Guide Map is to create a modern and longlasting communication message about Economic Sciences in understandable language.

At present, this intellectual product is offered in two options:

  1. Wall Poster (either in English, or in Bulgarian) by standard: 70 cm. х 100 cm.;

  1. Road Map” Style of the Guide Map, which is more convenient for study and research activities, as well as for popular knowledge; this is a main-stream format, and the Guide Map is in Bulgarian language on the one side, and English language on the other side;

I believe this unique format sets a specific educational standard, as it may serve as a tool for the benefit of a wider spectrum of interested people – students, academic communities, institutions, organizations, companies, media, etc.

For more information on trading and marketing questions, please, contact:



Vardar Blvd.

1309 Sofia, BULGARIA

I will be much pleased, if this format is popularized actively not only among academic communities, but also among business networks.

Surely, I am available for any professional notes, comments, and other creative projects.